Monday, September 28, 2009

Birds of Prey

Hunting my cats in my back yard...? We admire that which is not killing off our beloved pets. I lost two cats in a months time. Five days after losing Tasha I noticed this very large bird scoping my entire back yard, which is just over an acre. I was fortunate to capture it with my camera at a 12x optical zoom. I have seen eagles hunting over the property behind us, though I have never seen one intently examining my back yard.

I am especially pleased to have quickly created a layout using all things I made with my own two hands and my tired old computer. Photoshop helped! Tom has been buying me magazines and advanced tutorials that I can't exactly keep up with, but they force me to up my game with design. I have been into rainbows and bright skies lately. I admire so many artists that sell and share freebies, I decided to make my own versions of my favorites. I considered uploading and selling my own kits and designs to online stores or create my own, but I'm just not there yet. Designing is expensive!

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