Friday, September 4, 2009

Garlic, Friends, and Fussing

I signed up for 4 shifts at the Garlic Festival last week at the County Fairgrounds. It was fun, I didn't think I would have any fun since I have been tired for 3 months now. I was in charge of counting the people as they came through. Friday was a bit slow, Saturday was really busy. Obviously Saturday was my day for fun. I grabbed the stamp pad and clicked and stamped and pointed and shouted things. I made up duties as I went along. It was great because they didn't hate that I did that. Refreshing! I use Raspberry Roads design elements mostly.
Last night I went to an Egg Day meeting. It struck me as a bit hostile and reminds me why I don't like to go to the meetings. There are people that come and go, then suddenly show up out of the blue to protest some new great idea. All in all I usually don't like the energy of the room. I get there early to discuss business that pertains to me. I was really angry when someone suggested I put the Lions logo on MY blog that I keep for the Coronation. As if I would ever do that. I would sooner delete it and call it a day. Then there are those of them that think I should do this and that to the Egg Day Events Guide. I should tattoo it on my freaking face that I don't get paid and there is absolutely no reward for doing all that work and it's not as if they could or would do better themselves. For all the input that is. I do get angry about it. There was an upside to the end of the meeting. There is a new guy in town, people don't know what to make of him, I think he's fine. Frankly, I like him. And his wife. But I like people that just want to get it done.
Nikolai, who is 6 years old now, hurt himself on the stairs. He got stuck on the stairs and couldn't move. We took him to Rolling Hills Veterinary in town here and she thinks he has a herniated disc. Like I had over the winter, that nearly killed me dead. We are switching meds and adding pain meds and we need to kennel him to keep him still so he can replace his spinal fluid. Zak has a huge growth on his foot, but we think it's a festering infection. We will be treating that with some medication too. The best part of this month is that my inlaws are coming for a couple days. My week is packed, I didn't do spring cleaning cause of my disc problem, and I have to do fall cleaning to get ready for winter. Hate a dirty house during the winter. Hate that.
Just seems like nothing is going to go right any time soon. Did I mention my house is possessed? Well it is. How can anyone have so much consistent hardships? How is that possible? Tums are my only friend. And Tom and Adria. Thank God for friends.

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