Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just BE

I'm having fun adhering to no creative boundaries, and find that I am getting so much more accomplished! I have completely stopped thinking about what would be pleasing to someone else and doing whatever I feel like doing from one moment to the next. I usually make things for other people so I get a little distracted with the notion of pleasing others. Now that I don't care about the "other's" I am whizzing right along! I made this layout of my oldest and dearest friend, Tom Oakes. He hates this picture, but his eye movement speaks to me. I was taking a picture of the poster behind him for future inspiration. It's all mine, I owe no credit to anyone else :-)
The background is my new art phase. I created it to turn it into backgrounds, which I did, but now I want to make more of this kind of art! If you look around, this art is very popular. If I were a true artist, I would know what style it is! Someone tell me! I owe big thanks to Tom for buying me the paint and canvas! Thanks dreamy eyed Tom!

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