Friday, March 18, 2016

Adore - Wall Hanging

Keeping up with the constant changing tech is as much work as learning new tricks and techniques. I have been offline for quite some time after Blogger updated pretty much everything. My meticulously designed blogwear was erased and I couldn't spare the time to learn the new system. As it turns out, it is so incredibly simple, I just had to stop overthinking it! 

This piece is one of several items that I used Modern Masters rust and patina to create. At this time, I just want to grab projects that I can post immediately, just to throw some inspiration out there. In the next weeks I hope to provide much more information on my tools and techniques. I have many projects already completed, I just need to set up a photography corner.

Adore - Wall Hanging is a matboard cutout, a technique I fine tuned on the Cricut. The pinwheel is a Tim Holtz die cut- cardboard, the gears are Spellbinders and Sizzix dies, the photo frame is a Sizzix die, and Adore is a laser cut out, matted on cardboard cut with a Tim Holtz frame die. All the pieces are colored with a real rust and patina process, so get your tetanus! The photograph is my immigrant great, great, grandparents from Sweden. They homesteaded in Bellingham, WA in the early 1900's. The picture is covered with a stamped piece of acetate, a technique I like to use on non framed pieces to protect the photograph. The idea was to give it a digitally processed appeal.

If you think it looks like metal, then I thank you! It is actually whispy lightweight, and I will probably mount it on a canvas to continue a heritage series I will be sharing soon. 

Thank you for stopping by!

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