Thursday, March 31, 2016

Light Switch Plates

I am especially excited about these switch plates. My whole house looks "scrapbooky" but I love it! It is impossible to find nice plates for such a variety of switch types. It was pure happenstance that I had a decorative Spellbinders die that fit the 3 switch plate so perfectly. My home is "unique"!

I put them in the main living areas, as well as the bathroom which gives it a nice designer look. 

It took a couple days to work out the kinks. I used Prima Marketing papers in the 6x6 stacks because the images are smaller and you can get more of the pattern on them. I used acrylic stamps for a couple plates because I can't get enough detail, or positive support in my house. I sealed the bunch with Mod Podge a few times, just to make sure they didn't get ripped up and damaged. We are a wild and unruly bunch here.

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