Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Peace Layout

This is my mom when she was six months old. Her grandmother was not known for her warm fuzzy lovey-dovey tenderness, possibly to do with chronic illness that left her with one arm. People say "Ah! You have the Iverson chin!" Which is always insulting because that is code for double chin or flabby jowls...not something that you want people to tell you that you inherited, if you know what I mean. But not to me...nobody would dare say that to ME. *wink*

 I always hate to ruin my pretty pictures with lots of technical stuff, but you simply MUST know that I used spellbinders Decorative Fleur de Lis Rectangles for the mat because it reminds me of the white picket fence.

This is a word cut out from Michael's. I painted it with Lumiere paint, Halo Pink Gold...I simply LOVE it!! Bright and metallic.

Who doesn't love to use the Tim Holtz label dies? This is the one that came on the big tag die. I layered it and used a label maker for the names.

Heartfelt Creations, feathery peacock collection. It is a stamp and die cut set, then you color it. I used random colored pencils and pens.

 Heartfelt Creations, feathery peacock collection

And finally, the mastery process! I had a few stacks of the mat board from Hobby Lobby before they discontinued it. I cut it out with my Cricut using the deep cut blade and some full page label type shapes. Then sanded the edges before I adhered pattern paper on both sides. Then one more coat of paint to seal the edges so they don't fray. The idea is like a wall hanging, or a decorative plate. Self standing and durable, yet lightweight. I will be selling a ton of substrates in my Etsy store before to long.

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