Friday, March 25, 2016

Rusty Laugh

These chipboard wall hangings are so amazing to work with. They are tedious in their process because you have to get in the grooves, and don't forget to do the back too! They are made of layered chipboard, which I found at Hobby Lobby on sale for about $3. They make really great gifts because they don't take up space, and who doesn't love a positive subliminal message to plant in their mind every day? My house is filled with handmade subliminal persuasion. That's how I stay positive in the midst of all my personal hardships.

This is a quick view of part of the rusting process. You seal your substrate with the primer, then paint on one coat of the black iron paint and let dry. Then you paint on another coat, and while that is still wet, you strategically dampen it with the activator solution. I get my results from a pooling effect. Some kits come with spray bottles, but I find that doesn't give me what I want. I want it to look a thousand years old! After that dries, I cheat and wet it with water, and add a spotty layer of black iron paint again, then soak that with more solution. I usually do multiple pieces at once so I can stack them on top of each other. That is how I get the added texture. The process takes a few days if you want it to have this level of erosion. Once the rust is taken hold, I start to add the bronze and gold paint for the patina to show through. If you don't have the patina, the piece looks really orange and pure rust. Personal choice!

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