Friday, April 22, 2016

Follow your art

I feel like words will ruin the tranquility of this enchanting little 8x8 canvas. I spend a couple months every year, putting paint and texture on a variety of canvases, so I can later create something with it. I really loved the plain painted canvas. Layers and layers that I will one day post a walk through series of my process. Each canvas takes a week, sometimes two weeks to create. If you take into account that I cut then hand paint all the die cuts, then we are looking at a much longer process from start to finish. 

Precious Metal Color - Blackberry, Blue Azure, Gold

Fiber Paste scraped on smoothly, but allowing the texture of the canvas to show from beneath. I use cheap gold paint to highlight the areas I want to show, then the final touch is Liquid Leaf Gold for that rich metallic look.

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