Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bracket Album - Pink Rose

Handmade mat board albums has been a favorite project of mine for a couple of years. They are special cut scrapbook albums, approx 11 inches and very sturdy and thick. The reason I have not listed or posted anything about them recently is because the material has been increasingly difficult to find. This album is my favorite of all that I have made. There is a vintage album, and a more masculine  theme album that I am preparing to list in my Etsy store. 

I used my Cricut Expression to cut nine bracket frames.

My work space tends to get a little spread out, and very messy. A single project can overtake my studio, and somehow turn into several other off subject projects. If I'm doing this, I might as well do that!

I have several more of these that are waiting to find creative homes. They should be as easy as just adhering your favorite photo's on the page. Embellish or not, I think they are fabulous just as they are, but that is personal discretion. 

In the coming months, I will start making these books with my own designs, which you can also find in my Etsy store. I will soon be making books in: Rose Diaries - Green or Rose Diaries -Pink themes. Hint... I also have images that are not listed in the store, so they will be truly unique! 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Steampunk Instant Scrapbook Pages

These are my latest creations. I combined all of my areas of interest and created a downloadable instant scrapbook album. I printed them on my Epson R1800 wide format printer and was so thrilled how easy it was to just adhere the pictures. I just happened to have a few 1970's reprints that were developed square back in the day, and then I cropped them down to size and just glued them on. So easy. I also have a version for those who prefer to hand journal. I plan to print them professionally and sell the physical product with hand painted scrapbook albums. But I am only one person and these things will take time.

Etsy only allows for 5 files at 19.9 mb per file, so I will have to list the pages separately. I am very distressed by this revelation because if it were me as a customer, I would want the whole shebang! Let me have it all!

This is how it looks printed from my home inkjet printer. Everyone who has looked at it has rubbed it with their fingers to experience the depth of layers. I take that as a the ultimate compliment!

Basic supplies: Glue stick, pictures, and a pen.

This is my mom and me, I think about 4 years old.

There are several options for working with these files. You can print them on any printer and just fit them to size at 8 inches and recalculate the size of photos, or send them to a photo printer for roughly $3 per page and either glue on your matching luster or gloss print, or use the optional PNG file format included and drop your photo behind the open squares, then save and print the 12x12 photo. My preferred method is to send them to my local copy shop, and ask for 13x19 inch paper. Yes, it can be done, then you just trim off the excess. I use the extra space to drop the double layout, and shrink it by 50% for a mini album. 

Here is the link to my Etsy store: Peppers & Papers

My latest rescue dogs

A more personal post to explain my absence. In my spare time I rescue dogs, primarily German Shepherds, and this is my busy season for dog rescue because I feel so alive and I am able to give more of myself to the rescue effort.  
Jazzy 1.7 yo GSD

I do have many more projects to share, and I still intend to explore more on rusting techniques when I am able to get back to that rather messy obsession. For now I am getting this very new mom used to motherhood. Jazzy and Kye were both surrendered as a bonded pair, and to our surprise, they were a full family soon after they arrived. We are feeling very blessed, but there is so much work to be done as Jazzy and Kye were on the Rescue Only list, therefore deemed unadoptable for 5 long weeks. For now, I can only sneak in a few minutes here and there to do some creative work. 

I have introduced Kye and Leo into my pack. I am waiting to see if Jazzy can be parted from Kye, or if I'm keeping them both or surrendering them both to the same home. Whatever happens, they will get the best life R.A.I.N. Rescue can find for them. We call it the "Jack Pot".

Kye 1.7 yo GSD

Leo 2 yo Mini Pincher

Up next... I am releasing a new line in my Etsy store. It is scrapbooking quick pages concept, which I am calling Print and Place. I am gathering my details and I will be sharing that very soon!