About Me..

My name is Pepper; I live in the outskirts of a small town in the Pacific Northwest. I am a Stay-at-home-keeping-myself-busy kind of person. I rescue dogs when I am not creating, and sometimes they keep me from creating! It was 2002 when I first took notice of this growing industry and started building my studio on a budget of $30 every two weeks. In 2007 I became fanatic over digital scrapbooking and designing, which morphed into a mad range of multi and mixed media projects. My growing passion is Mixed Media, and what I call "Memory Art", which is an unlimited range of options that consist of a special photograph or memory. All of my work has a story to it, sometimes I explain it, and other times I like to allow for imagination to guide people.

My strongest skillset is creating tools and making "blueprints" for everything. Among my assets I enjoy sharing my collection of Sizzix, which consists of 4 machines, over 600 dies, and 25 alphabets, which I have organized into digital png files, a huge excel database for cross reference and cataloging, and a book of every cut in black cardstock. Everything I do has paper and paint. It is all paint and die cuts, and die cuts I painted. I am very excited to share my skill sets with you! I hope you get inspiration from my projects, and possibly learn about my techniques to use for yourself.

*All of the digital designs and graphics are my own, unless otherwise credited to the original artist. 

*Feel free to share the content of my website, just please link back to peppersandpapers.com